Students who previously attended NCC or who applied but never attended should NOT submit an admissions application but should submit the Re-Admit Form.

Records Office ♦ 3835 Green Pond Road ♦ Bethlehem, PA 18020 ♦ Fax: 610-861-5551

RE-ADMIT FORM for Summer 2021 ONLY
To be used by students who have not attended in the past 2 semesters (Fall/Spring).
All Fall 2021 students should be applying via Workday Student.

Student ID# or last 4-digits of Social Security #:                 Birth date:

Last Name:  First Name:   Middle Initial:

Prior Name:
Note: Name changes require a marriage certificate, court order or divorce decree showing the change.

Cell Phone #:

Alternate Phone #:   Extension:

I understand that Northampton Community College may use an automated calling system and a pre-recorded message to contact me by phone at any phone number I provide to the College.

(No P.O. Box only, must provide street location)

Permanent Address:

                      City:     State:     ZipCode:

Mailing Address:    

                City:     State:     ZipCode:

County of Residence:     Resident School District:

Changing your permanent address may affect your Residency status.  Review the Residency Policy:

The following is used for the sole purpose of providing statistical data to the Federal Government.  This information is not used for Admissions/Re-entry purposes.

   Gender: Male    Female

   Are you Hispanic? Yes    No

   Select Race(s); check one or more: American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African American
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander

Re-Admit semester:         Re-Admit year:

Intended Program/Major upon return:

Semester last attended:         Last attended year:

            I applied previously, but never attended  Yes  No

            Program/Major during last attendance:

Have you ever received a degree, certificate, or specialized diploma from NCC?

Have you attended any other college/university since your last attendance at NCC?

        If yes, list other college/university:
        *For transfer credits to be evaluated, submit official transcripts from all other colleges/universities to
  and complete a "Request for Transfer Credit Evaulation" form.

Have you graduated from any other college/university since your last attendance at NCC? 

        If yes, indicate college/university:   

                 Indicate degrees received:

Are you a US Military Veteran*, Active Duty Service Member or Guradsman/Reservist? (*one who has been discharged/released from service under conditions other than dishonorable)

        If yes, which branch?   

Are you the spouse or dependent child of a US Military Veteran* or Active Duty Service Member? (*one who has been discharged/released from service under conditions other than dishonorable)

Processing Note: A student who did not indicate veteran or active duty status at the time of application may provide documentation (i.e. DD214 form) to the Office of Student Veterans Services to have the College database records updated.

By clicking YES, I certify that all information stated above is my valid, personal information and that I wish to be re-admitted to Northampton Community College.

    Yes   No